The EVOLV Pro series expands with an upgrade to version 2. This vehicle is engineered to explore rough terrains, climb any hills, and endure for years. 

Dual Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Nutt Hydraulic brakes are standard. Superior stopping power at your fingertips.

Quad Lock Clamp

This 4-point locking system eliminates stem wobble and increases stability. An optional quick release clamp is also included.

Running Lights

Ride loud and clear with customizable running lights on the deck and stem. Visibility rocks.

Dual Power

Dual motors provide up to 3,600W peak power to take you anywhere, quick.

TFT Center Display

All your important ride data in clear sight.

Sale price$1,999.00 USD

Meet the Pro V2 and Pro-R V2.

Experience this high-performance, rugged electric ride with category-leading capabilities. Featuring a smart center display to show ride data, controls to customize running light patterns, switch to dual drive, all with a superior 21700 battery pack in the deck.

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Model: Pro V2


Gear up and ride for miles. 21700 cells for range up to 50 miles (80 km), R-version. Shorten the rest breaks with two ports and speed up the charging time.

Ride Data

Large screen to detail ride data, dual motor, speed, power and more. Customize the vehicle to match your riding style.

Quad Lock Clamp

The folding joint is reinforced with a quad lock clamp to eliminate stem wobble at high speed.

The Pro V2 series includes a quick release clamp. An optional feature for riders who frequently fold the vehicle.

The Pro V2 rocks the classic silver suspension arms and the R version goes full stealth mode with an all-black frame.







50 - 60 km / 31 - 37 mi.
(In optimal conditions)

70 - 80 km / 43 - 50 mi.


52V 20.5aH (21700)

60V 25aH (21700)