EVOLV launches the CORSA model

EVOLV launches the CORSA model

The CORSA caters to off-road adventures and is available to be ordered globally from the official EVOLV website (evolvrides.com/products/evolv-corsa) as of today.

Thursday, March 17th - Vancouver, Canada - EVOLV (www.evolvrides.com), the Canadian pioneer of personal, foldable and portable electric vehicles announces the launch of EVOLV Corsa; a new electric scooter built for all terrain performance such as woodland trails, high elevations, and adventure seekers.

The Corsa succeeds the Pro and Pro-R series, offering a more robust frame, larger off-road tires and a removable battery pack, resulting in a more portable charging process. This makes it the perfect upgrade for rough riders and the off-road riding sector! As gas prices climb, the Corsa addresses the immediate struggle of replacing fuel-driven vehicles with a viable alternative solution to daily commutes.

This rugged off-road model comes with a 60V 28Ah battery with a top speed of 70 km/h (43 mph). With nominal dual motor power of 1200W per motor, up to 55 - 60 km (34 - 37 mi.) range and removable battery for easy charging. The Corsa comes with dual large halo headlights, tail lights and signal turn lights for safe night rides. Uncompromising in performance when riding at high speeds, the folding column and buckle eliminates stem wobble but remains easily foldable! Packed neatly for road trips or save space in apartments and garages.

APRIL 2022 - Coming Soon

EVOLV Stride - the sleek and agile urban rider. Its light-weight build makes for the ideal weekend errand companion, office sharing vehicle and road trip vehicle for storing into tight spaces.

EVOLV Terra - the professional rider on two motors. Massive power compressed into a nimble frame for easy commuting and weekend excursions to remote places.


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Full Specifications: EVOLV Corsa

Media inquiries: info@evolvrides.com

EVOLV pressroom: evolvrides.com/pressroom

About EVOLV Rides

We're proudly headquartered in Vancouver, beautiful British Columbia and have currently launched 8 highly successful models over the last 4 years. As one of the pioneers in the Canadian personal electric vehicle scene, our aim is bring people and their destinations closer, with exhilarating, premium electric transportation.

Learn more about EVOLV at evolvrides.com.

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