Electric Scooter Halloween Costume Ideas

Electric Scooter Halloween Costume Ideas

Get inspired this Halloween season and incorporate your electric scooter with your costume! We created a few spooky looks to get you started. Tag @evolvrides to share your Halloween look with us! 

1. Ghostbusters 

If there's something strange in your neighbourhood. Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!!!

Our take on a classic Halloween thriller and a simple costume to throw on. Easily swap out Slimer for any ghost plush doll and find a Ghostbuster uniform online or in-store. Switch your Pro V2 running lights to green and start ghost busting! 

2. Jurassic Park

Turn your electric ride into a dinosaur hunting vehicle! A pair of beige shorts and boots completes your look. Personalize a Jurassic world badge, here. Pair your Dino hunting costume with a rugged off-road ride, the Corsa electric scooter. 

3. Western Barbie

Yee-Haw! This timeless doll is a hit this Halloween! Give your look a pink flair, cowboy boots and hat. We suggest the Terra to complete the look. Its foldable handlebars can fit any Halloween horse hat. 

4. Scuba Diver

Take a dive this Halloween season and grab your wetsuit! Paint two soft drink bottles silver and tape them together with electric tape. Complete the look with flippers, google, and a fish plushie to your electric scooter. Go a step further by taping waves cutout from blue construction paper to your escooter deck! 

5. Bumblebee

Buzz into the night with this bumblebee look! All you need are bumblebee wings, stripe shirt, black jeans, and flower garland. Wrap the garland around your electric scooter and your ready to ride! The minimal design of the Stride and its slender steering stem makes it a great pick.

6. Caveman

Ride out from the stone ages and channel your inner Flintstone this Halloween! Grab a shaggy wig, cheetah print fabric, and a balloon club to transform into a caveman. A Dino plushie for your electric scooter handlebars will complete the look. We recommend a rugged heavy duty electric scooter, the Corsa. 

Try one of these costumes for Halloween! We hope this list got your creative energy flowing to create your own costumes. Share your look with us on social media @evolvrides. 

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