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6 Maintenance Tips for your Electric Scooter

6 Maintenance Tips for your Electric Scooter

Maintaining your electric scooter's cleanliness, parts, and battery life is crucial for its efficiency. Here are 6 tips to keep your escooter in its best shape! 

1. Check before you ride

Give your escooter frame a quick ride-ready check before heading out. Test your brakes and lights to make sure its working properly. Look for any loose nuts and bolts in the escooter frame.

2. Pump your tires

Check that your tire pressure is between 50 to 55 PSI. Keeping your tires pumped will help prevent running a flat tire. Use an electric inflator or a bike pump with a gauge, displaying the PSI levels. 

3. Keep your ride squeaky clean

Clean off the water and road grease after each ride. Otherwise, the escooter will be sitting in moisture until the next ride, accelerating rush formation.

Start cleaning the dry dirt off your escooter with a hard bristle brush. Then use a damp cloth to wipe off any stubborn bits. Finish off by drying your escooter with a microfiber cloth. Clean your escooter regularly to prevent dirt build-up. 

Do not use a water hose to clean your vehicle. Electric scooters are not waterproof and this could increase the risk of water damage. 

4. Avoid charging overnight

This isn’t a hard fast rule but we recommend keeping your battery operating between 20 - 80% charge. Avoid charging overnight and unplug the charger when the charging block indicates “green” for fully charged. 

5. Keep your ride cozy in storage

To maximize a lithium-ion batteries’ efficiency, avoid running it to 0% often and exposing it to extreme temperatures for a long period of time. Storing it away in the Winter? Keep at least 20% charge in the escooter. Find a dry place at room temperature and away from direct sunlight.

6. Check the weather app

Wipe your escooter dry after each ride to prevent the formation of rust. Most vehicles are water-resistant to the rare and light water splashes but none are waterproof. Frequently riding in the rain increases the possibility of corrosion over time. Veer on the safe side and avoid water if possible!


Do electric scooters need to be maintained?

Electric scooters similar to bikes, cars, and all motorized vehicles need periodic maintenance. Depending on how often you use it, road conditions, and weather conditions, day to day maintenance will look different for everyone.

Generally, checking the tire pressure, cleaning the frame, checking for loose bolts, and keeping battery charge between 20% - 80% is good practice before riding. 


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