City V2

Make your daily commute a breeze with the new EVOLV City V2

Make your daily commute a breeze with the new EVOLV City V2

The City series expands with version 2. The City V2 is the most lightweight and agile model in the EVOLV fleet. Pre-order is coming soon from the official EVOLV website ( as of today.

Tuesday, March 28th - Vancouver, Canada - EVOLV (, a leader in electric mobility solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of its newest product, the EVOLV City V2 electric scooter.

Designed for urban commuters, the City V2 is the ultimate solution for navigating crowded city streets and getting around town quickly and easily. With its lightweight, foldable design and powerful electric motor, this scooter offers a convenient, eco-friendly alternative to traditional modes of transportation.

Other key features of the City V2 include:

  • Lightweight, foldable design for easy portability and storage
  • 10-inch tubeless pneumatic tires for a smooth, comfortable ride
  • LED headlight and taillight for added safety and visibility
  • Front drum brake for reliable stopping power
  • LCD display for monitoring speed, battery life, and other ride data

"We're excited to bring the EVOLV City V2 to market and provide urban commuters with a new, convenient, and eco-friendly way to get around town," said product development lead Carlos. “With its lightweight design, powerful motor, and long-lasting battery, the City V2 is the perfect solution for anyone looking to reduce their carbon footprint and make their daily commute a little easier."


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We're proudly headquartered in Vancouver, beautiful British Columbia and have currently launched 8 highly successful models over the last 4 years. As one of the pioneers in the Canadian personal electric vehicle scene, our aim is bring people and their destinations closer, with exhilarating, premium electric transportation.

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